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Oh, Pretty Woman - Roy Orbison
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Oh, Pretty Woman - Roy Orbison  (4/4)

Riff 1:


Riff 2:


Introduction: Riff 1 (2 times), Riff 2 (4 times)

        A            F#m
Pretty woman walking down the street
        A                 F#m
Pretty woman the kind I'd like to meet
        D   [D  2 beats]
Pretty woman
           E                         E
I don't believe you, you're not the truth
             E                    E
No one could look as good as you    (Mercy!)

Riff 2 (4 times)

        A              F#m
Pretty woman won't you pardon me
        A               F#m
Pretty woman I couldn't help but see
        D     [D  2 beats]
Pretty woman
              E            E
That you look lovely as can be
        E              E
Are you lonely just like me       (Rrrrowrr...)

Riff 2 (4 times)


Dm             G
Pretty woman stop a while
C             Am
Pretty woman talk a while
Dm            G7                C       C
Pretty woman give your smile to me
Dm             G
Pretty woman, yeah yeah yeah
C              Am
Pretty woman look my way
Dm            G7                   C   A
Pretty woman say you'll stay with me
        F#m      Dm              E
Cause I need you I'll treat you right
A             F#m Dm         E       E     E    E
Come with me baby, be mine tonight  ah    ah ! !

        A          F#m
Pretty woman don't walk on by
        A          F#m
Pretty woman don't make me cry
       D      [D  2 beats]
Pretty woman
      E          E        E
Don't walk away, hey

 E E              E               E        E
OK if that's the way it must be, OK
             E                E
I guess I'll go on home, it's late
              E                   E           E   
There'll be tomorrow night, but wait. What do I see ?

Riff 1 (2 times)

           E           E      E
Is she walking back to me
E    E                     E     E
Yes, she's walking back to me
E   E          A
Oh, oh, pretty woman
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Song Info  Oh, Pretty Woman - Roy Orbison
Oh, Pretty Woman - Roy Orbison
Oh, Pretty Woman is a song, released in August 1964, which was a worldwide success for Roy Orbison. Recorded on the Monument Records label in Nashville, Tennessee, it was written by Roy Orbison and Bill Dees. The song spent three weeks at number one on the Billboard Hot 100. "Pretty Woman" was also Orbison's third single to top the British singles chart (for a total of three weeks). The previous Orbison singles to reach No.1 in the UK were "Only the Lonely" in 1960 and "It's Over" earlier in 1964. There were three guitar players on the session, Billy Sanford, Jerry Kennedy and Wayne Moss. Billy Sanford, who later played session for everybody from Elvis to Don Williams (and took to the road with Don in the 1990s) did the kick-off. Williams introduced him as a kid who had just arrived Nashville, with a borrowed guitar, who heard Orbison was minus a guitar player, who went over and got the gig.

Although the official recording appeared in August 1964, the Beatles recalled Orbison having written and performed the song during a mid-1963 tour of the UK on which both acts performed.

Five years after its release, in 1969, the single was awarded gold record by RIAA. Orbison posthumously won the 1991 Grammy Award for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance for his live recording of the song on his HBO television special Roy Orbison and Friends, A Black and White Night. In 1999, the song was honored with a Grammy Hall of Fame Award and was named one of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll. In 2004, Rolling Stone magazine ranked it #222 on their list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

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