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Chord Progression (1-2-4-5) - Robert Renman
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Chord Progression (1-2-4-5) - Robert Renman  (4/4 - Key E)

Here is perhaps one of the most common chord
progression in popular music:

Key E:
E, F#m, A, B


Key A:
A, Bm, D, E

Key B:
B, C#m, E, F#

Key C:
C, Dm, F, G

Key D:
D, Em, G, A

Key E:
E, F#m, A, B

Key F:
F, Gm, A#, C

Key G:
G, Am, C, D
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Song Info  Chord Progression (1-2-4-5) - Robert Renman
Chord Progression (1-2-4-5) - Robert Renman
Guitar Lesson Overview

Today we are going to learn a guitar chord progression that sounds great. The chord diagrams are built into the video, and don't they sound sweet? I love these voicing. The names of the chords may sound advanced, but it's really easy to play chords, since it's mostly a matter of sliding your left hand up the neck, and only moving a finger here and there.

Practice this with a metronome, and make sure you play steady 8th notes through out the progression.


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