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Lucky Man - Emerson, Lake and Palmer
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Lucky Man - Emerson, Lake and Palmer  (6/4 - Key G)

Introduction (2 times) and Picking Pattern for Verses

   G                         D
    _   _   _   _   _   _     _   _   _   _   _   _ 
   | | | | | | | | | | | |   | | | | | | | | | | | |

G              D
He had white horses
G                   D
And ladies by the score
G                   D
All were dressed in satin
G                   D
And waiting by the door

Am             G           D    [Dsus4  D]
Oooh, What a lucky man he was
Am             G           D    [Dsus4  D]
Oooh, What a lucky man he was

G                 D
White lace and feathers
G                 D
They made up his bed
G                 D
A gold covered mattress
G                 D
On which he was laid



   G                D       G                D
e|--------------------|  e|--------------------|
B|--------------------|  B|--------3----3h5p-3-|  
G|--------------------|  G|-0---s4-------------|
D|---------0---0h2p-0-|  D|--------------------|    
A|-----0h2------------|  A|--------------------|  
E|-3------------------|  E|--------------------|  

   G                       D        G               D
e|--------10---14br14br14br---|  e|------10-----------|
B|10-10h12-----------------10-|  B|10h12----8p7-8-7---|
G|----------------------------|  G|-------------------|
D|----------------------------|  D|-----------------7-|
A|----------------------------|  A|-------------------|
E|----------------------------|  E|-------------------|

   G                  D       G                   D       D
e|----------------------|  e|-----------------------|  e|-14---|
B|----------------------|  B|-----------------------|  B|-15---|
G|----------------------|  G|---------2-------------|  G|-14---|
D|----------------------|  D|-------2---------------|  D|------|
A|-0-2-3s7------------5-|  A|-0-2-3---------------5-|  A|------|
E|----------0-2-3-s7----|  E|------------0-2-3-s7---|  E|------|

G                 D
He went to fight wars
G                       D
For his country and his king
G                      D
Of his honor and his glory
G                 D
The people would sing


G                D
A bullet had found him
G                    D
His blood ran as he died
G                D
No money could save him
G                      D
So he laid down and he died

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Song Info  Lucky Man - Emerson, Lake and Palmer
Lucky Man - Emerson, Lake and Palmer
"Lucky Man" is a song by the English progressive rock super group Emerson, Lake & Palmer, from the group's 1970 self-titled debut album. Written by Greg Lake when he was 12 years old and recorded by the trio using improvised arrangements, the song contains one of rock music's earliest instances of a Moog synthesizer solo. "Lucky Man" was released as a single in 1970 and reached the top 20 in the Netherlands. The song also charted in the United States and Canada. The single was re-released in 1973 and charted again in the U.S. and Canada.

When Greg Lake was asked in an interview if he felt "lucky" to have written the song, Lake responded:

I did write “Lucky Man” when I was 12. My mum bought me a guitar and I was very lucky in that sense, the answer was yes instead of no. There was the first bit of luck because had the answer been no, my life would have probably been totally different. I got the guitar and I learned the first four chords that were D, G, A Minor and E Minor and with those chords I wrote “Lucky Man”. I truly cannot remember everything about writing it other than I think it struck me as being a sort of minstrel type of event with these chords, G, D, E Minor and A Minor, gave me this sort of minstrel feeling. “Lucky Man” has kind of an almost medieval element tone to it. It is like a medieval folk song in a way. That was the essence of the idea. I wrote the song in its entirety and I finished it and I remembered it. As far as its significance regarding me and how lucky I was, I suppose it does really. You cannot disassociate the tune, the song has been very lucky for me. It came about because of a piece of good fortune, which was my mother giving me the guitar and it has been lucky for me ever since. I would say if I was going to be honest, I have been very lucky in life. I certainly have been.

YouTube: ELP Lucky Man Guitar Solo -

Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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